Thumbai possesses anti-fungal, antioxidant, antimicrobial  properties. It is used traditionally to treat Scorpion bites. A constant rubbing of leaves on the affected area provides relief. The juice of leaves of the plant are used to reduce itchiness due to insect bites, fungal infections, and is also used to reduce unconsciousness caused by toxicity of Snake bite.

Grandma’s Tip – Crush a few fresh leaves and rub on mosquito bites, helps ease the itchiness quickly.



What is the plant – botanical name is Leucas cephalotes, It’s a plant that can grow up to 60 cms, and is called & considered a common weed of the backyard

How to grow the plant – Easy to grow, is a tropical plant & needs warm place.

Scientific benefits –  It as Nature’s cure for sinusitis. as a common home remedy, the juice of this plant obtained by crushing it in a stone grinder is given to children with cough and cold. Needs caution if to be used during pregnancy

Granny’s tips & tricks – The leaves of the plant is steamed and mashed into a paste to be consumed during lunch, its most pungent but the pungency is a magic potent. It not only clears your cold and cough, but is also supposed to heat the body normally, preparing it for colder winter days.

Home recipe – Do you have a recipe, write to us & we would love to share it to the world.

Some fun facts – flower of this plant is tiny and sweet I remember, we can chew these flowers to relish the sweet nectar in it.


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