Our Story

At Liv-Lif, we envision a city where people in every neighborhood have equal access to trees and their benefits - clean air, energy efficiency, better health, cooling shade, and friendlier, more green & vibrant communities.

Our mission is to grow a greener and pollution fee future, engaging Liv-Lif to plant and care for trees throughout the City. We must plant now to ensure a green future for our kids and grandkids.

We must plant aggressively now to ensure that as temperatures rise, our City is equipped with a cooling canopy of healthy, mature trees. Plants filter asthma-causing pollution out of the air and help reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Plants & Trees add beauty to our neighborhoods and are an excellent way to keep our city green and aesthetically beautiful.

Our Company

We are passionate entrepreneurs who are concerned about environment, the society and the planet we live on.

We are passionate about disrupting conventional ways of living on processed food and beauty products with high toxic chemicals and preservatives.

We are on a mission to replace them with powerful source of nature of plants. Our expertise in domain,technology and business helps bring new ideas to fruition.

Liv- Lif is a platform designed to bring herbal plants and its ingredients made available to every human being in a ease ,convenient and innovative ways turning them into successful home made products for self consumption.

Whether you are a university, corporation, innovator, or start-up with ideas that positively impacts the healthy living of human being, we are your primary point of contact for developing your ideas.

The team behind all the good things

Our team is your best friend. When your mission is to live healthy and feel better , you need best people to drive it from the front. You need people who are committed, passionate, innovative and purposeful. And simple and humble.

Josh Carpenter

CEO and CO-Founder

Eileen Rowe

CEO and CO-Founder

Milena Ravic

CEO and CO-Founder

Joshua Mills

CEO and CO-Founder