Refund and Returns Policy

Returns Policy
LivLif exists with one purpose: to help our customers with integrity. We make every effort
to ensure our product range is natural without preservatives and sourced locally from India
and overseas, to meet your needs.
This policy is to give you comfort that, subject to the conditions below, if any product
purchased from Liv Lif is defective or not suitable for you, we will happily repair or
replace the product or offer you a store credit for your return.
In Summary
If you change your mind on a product you have purchased from us within 7 days of the
order being delivered, you can return it to us for an exchange or a store credit, provided the
product and associated packaging received by Liv Lif is in its original condition and is re-
In the event you have placed an order and wish to cancel it before the shipment has been
dispatched, please note that a store credit will be provided.
We do not provide any refunds for returns / exchanges.
Return Eligibility
The following items are not eligible for returns or exchanges unless the item has been
received by the customer in a damaged or faulty condition.
1. Gift Boxes
However, please note the list above is not exhaustive. There may be other individual
products which are non-returnable unless damaged. Products pages outline whether that
product is returnable or not.
Liv Lif’s discretion for non-returnable items
In the event that the item is non-returnable, it will be at the discretion of Liv Lif to accept a
return or not. In that case, a return fee may apply and this would amount to the delivery fee
incurred to organise the return or otherwise deemed appropriate by Liv Lif This would be
communicated to you at the time of processing the return request for your approval before
confirming the return or exchange.
In addition to the above, returns or exchanges will not be accepted in the following

1. Any return request that is submitted post 7 days of the order being delivered
2. The product has been used or altered in any way or form
3. The product has been damaged through abnormal use i.e. incorrect use by you
4. The returned product does not have the original packaging, labels etc or if the original
packaging has been damaged e.g. torn.
Note that in case the product for exchange is unavailable, a store credit will be offered.
Receiving a return item
Please note, if we do receive an item without the original packaging or if the product is
received damaged or dirty or used, there will no store credit issued to you or the product
exchanged (unless defective). You will have the option of having the item shipped back to
you at your own cost, otherwise the product will be donated.
This will be determined at the time the product is received at the Liv Lif warehouse for
Orders rejected upon delivery
Please note that if you reject an order upon delivery, no refunds would be issued. A store
credit will be issued once the returned parcel has reached our warehouse and has been
investigated. If there is any damage to the item, or the item is lost in transit for return, you
would be responsible for the same. Liv Lif has full discretion on treating this on a case by
case basis for any alternative resolution.
Please note in this case, any shipping fees and return shipping fees will be deducted from
any store credit that is issued.

Store Credit
How will I receive this?
A store credit is provided by way of a coupon code. The coupon code will not work with
any other discount codes or bundles/combo deals applied and will only be valid for 1
Please note, when using your coupon code, please ensure that it is used in a single
transaction as any leftover amount would not carry forward.
When will I receive this?
After you have placed your return request, your exchange/store credit will only be issued
once we have received the product in our warehouse. This can take anywhere from 2-3 days
in Bangalore to 8-14 days for outside Bangalore depending on the courier.

Amount of store credit
If you have used a coupon code in your initial purchase, then please note this amount will
not returned by way of a store credit. The only amount that would be provided as a store
credit would be the amount applicable paid by you over and above any coupon applied.
The delivery fees paid by you in the initial purchase are not eligible for any store credit.
The store credit is strictly limited to the price of the product.
Whilst your first exchange is free, and subsequent exchanges on the same order will attract
a delivery fee of flat Rs 100 and would be offset against your store credit.
Return Process
Please log your return request by contacting us on the ___________and we will get in touch
with you from there on processing your request.
If for some reason we are unable to have the item picked up from your location, it will be
your responsibility to ship the item to us at the following address:
Once the item has been received at our warehouse, we can process the return/exchange for
you. Please note any delivery fees incurred by you in returning the items are at your own
cost and non-refundable by Liv Lif