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Liv Lif Naturally……..

As you all know every story begins with a phrase Long long ago… or once upon a time. My story is no different.

Long long ago , not so long ago I was abducted along with my 6 siblings and hidden near a cave in Karnataka. As I grew I was told that the place belonged to a younger daughter of King Rukmangada, the legendary chief of Sakrepatna. Since the the place was known as Chikmagaluru. As a child I didn’t know about my future and I always wondered like Kesara. Like any of you I had a tough journey on the path of attaining liberation. Everytime there was a selection I was stressed and was doubtful about my selection. Some of my siblings just couldn’t make it and i had to undergo deep grief.

I always remember my abductor telling, one has to walk alone in this path, after all he was a saint you know. Wait! My ears are deafening! Suddenly I felt the whole world whirling and twirling. After a few seconds I was out in the world and I was undressed. I looked around me and all my friends were lying naked. After all we are on the path of liberation! None of us bothered how we looked. We stayed focussed.

This was just the begining and later followed laying under the hot and sultry sun HUM! like garuda purana describes about hell where humans are boiled in hot oil according to our karma and here I’m really confused; Who’s Karma is this? Saint’s or mine? I just wanted to grow into my fullest potential. I didn’t ask for all these. After a few days, weeks, months…..? later

Now you don’t see me at all. I am one with five elements. I can hear my fans appreciating! Delicious!!! energising!!!! After all that is the trend among human beings . A beautiful soul is worshipped when he is not in the body.

But you know Liv Lif has carved a niche for itself by unfolding the beauty of appreciation as they spread love and happiness in every sip they serve and makes a person measure his life with coffee spoons.

Few words before I leave,” Kofi with La! La!”

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