Our Values

Only human beings are previledged to be both social and moral agents. We the people involved in food business  can transform societies in ways that may be socially beneficial or harmful. We may also act in ways that are morally beneficent or maleficent, affecting people, the environment, biodiversity and the planet itself. Hence, as responsible human beings LivLif stakeholders are passionate and concerned about the welbeing of the society as a whole. We conciously avoid ultra processed food stuffs and do not indulge in expensive and sophisticated advertising which unambiguously targets children.

For Liv Lif, food ethics does not stop at marketing right kind of food but about the principles that dictate what counts as aceptable treatment of othersin relation to food – from humane treatment of farm animals to looking after the environment, from human health to fair treatment of people working in Liv Lif.

Our core values

We respect the people who follow vegetarian diet.

We respect the planet and hence avoid chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers, wipe out wildlife such as birds, insects and wild flowers, destroy the soil, and are unsustainable in the long run. Hence our products are packed in glass bottles. We support farmers by supplying bio fertilizers and organic manure.

We are worried and concerned about the rising levels of obesity  and other harmful effects which they attribute to the consumption of processed foods and additives and hence we don’t use any added preservatives, transfat and five white poisons in the kitchen.

We ensure that farmers receive a fair price for what they produce. 

Liv LIf is defined by its values (what we think is good) and our principles (What we think is right).